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Придумал и имплементировал, помимо дубинок и касторки, всякие фашистские ужасы, типа трудовой книжки без которой нельзя было устроиться на работу. В либеральной Канаде надо чтобы устроиться продавщицей или официанткой, посылать Си-Ви, что тоже самое. Но есть и более либеральные идеи, типа:


I was at the Surface Navy Association National Symposium this winter and attended a speech by the Vice Chief of Naval Operations. At the end of his speech, I got up to the microphone and mentioned how Transocean employees wore their personality profiles on their hardhats and on the entrance to their offices. I asked him if the US Navy was pursuing initiatives like this to support leadership development and fleet operations.

Most of the people in the audience laughed at the idea that officers would have their personality profiles affixed to their stateroom doors, but I think the VCNO saw what I was getting at.

Transocean (and every other civilian company) does something else that contributes to a positive working environment and leadership development

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