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Донгарра это один из соавторов БЛАС и ЛАПАК библиотек, и организатор репозитория НЕТЛИБ, для бесплатного обмена таких библиотек. Работал он большую часть в Аргоновой лаборатории, и никаким копирайитом не заморачивался.

HAIGH: We’ve already discussed LINPACK, but wrapping that up, my final question, which we didn’t quite get to, is: as your work at Argonne continued through the 80’s, was there any point at which anyone in the lab had the idea that they should be doing something more to safeguard intellectual property, or that there were things being produced that should be commercialized?

DONGARRA: Not at the lab per se. We tried to keep a low profile in the sense that we were concerned that somebody might feel we were infringing on the commercial side. Occasionally questions were raised about our software, including claims that our software was being produced by the Government, it was freely available, and it was competing with private industry. In particular, I remember some discussions of IMSL where they felt threatened by our software, in the sense that they may be losing customers to this freely available software package and questions were raised: why was the Government effectively competing with private industry. In defense we said that we weren’t providing the same level of service that a commercial company was providing; that there was no support guaranteed. While we were producing software, IMSL was benefiting from that software in the sense that they were taking it and using it within their library, adding value to it, and providing documentation and support and services along with it. Most users who purchased their library understood that and were thankful that somebody was doing that for the long term.

HAIGH: So those were questions that were literally asked of the LINPACK team by members of the lab’s management?

DONGARRA: I wouldn’t say lab’s management, but I would say that were asked. Maybe the lab’s management, indirectly. I think I remember an instance where IMSL, or the people who funded IMSL, had raised objection with, I’ll say, some congressmen or senators, and those senators then asked the Department of Energy why there was government competition with these private companies, and we had to respond to it in some way. So I remember drafting material for the response that came, I presume, from some administrator within our lab.

Надо сказать что IMSL это довольно унылое говно которое нужно неизвестно зачем и in the long term совершенно вымерло лет десять тому назад, а большая часть нетлиба актуальна как никогда.

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