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The United States and other Western powers can best facilitate China’s transition to a more diverse and law-based form of rule, not by intensifying pressures on the CCP and PRC regime as a whole, but by a) improving the attractiveness of their own polities and societies; b) engaging with as wide a variety of Chinese as possible in the pursuit of common development goals and the handling of common threats, such as climate change and pandemics; and c) working with other countries to reduce the future ability and perceived need of Chinese leaders to opt for dominance over a more cooperative, multipolar order

Ну насчет пункта а) никаких сомнений нет: привлекательность можно увеличить усилением борьбы с системным расизмом, меритократией, за лгбт, и все такое прочее. Чикомам не устоять в конкренции.

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