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Крайний Ливен

Пишет (как раз перед Карантином) что Изменение Климата требует Жертв со стороны Населения.

Contemporary advocates of this (реалистский) way of thinking have sometimes been accused of drawing some of their ideas from Carl Schmitt, the authoritarian critic of the Weimar system in Germany and (albeit briefly) a Nazi supporter.29 Perhaps the most sinister and frequently condemned aspect of Schmitt’s thought is his insistence on the ‘friend–enemy’ distinction as central to the self-definition of societies and states, and to domestic and international politics.30 This topic raises the question of whether the ‘enemy’ for purposes of defining threats to the state needs to be human. Could climate change and disease possibly play a similar role in consolidating states and societies? This may seem an absurd idea, until one thinks of Beijing’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. Schmitt would have approved of it, and in the future Western states will probably also have to adopt similarly martial methods to address disease and the civil disorder ensuing from natural disasters.

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    bacr чегойто выпилился? Достали враги инвермектина?

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    Раз ДЕ заявил что Золото добываемое в России никогда не принадлежало Российскому государству, надо бы попытаться изложить учение Ужаса Совка, как я,…

  • It was good while it lasted, Doug

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