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It is clear then that a state is not a mere society, having a common place, established for the prevention of mutual crime and for the sake of exchange. These are conditions without which a state cannot exist; but all of them together do not constitute a state, which is a community of families and aggregations of families in well-being, for the sake of a perfect and self-sufficing life. Such a community can only be established among those who live in the same place and intermarry. Hence arise in cities family connections, brotherhoods, common sacrifices, amusements which draw men together. But these are created by friendship, for the will to live together is friendship. The end of the state is the good life, and these are the means towards it.

Что сейчас является государством или что народом? Корейцы которые не смешиваются с некорейцами только приходят на ум. (Прочитал Крылова в чужой ленте, стиль его не меняется лет 10, занудное расписывание того или иного комбинаторного варианта).

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